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Reimagining Adoption

About Us

Families of Joy Foundation has been set up by a group of Adoptive Families who are passionate about the cause of adoption and dream of a home for every child in need.

In our own jourmey of adoption, we have realized that there were quite a few impediments to a smooth and happy adoption experience in India such a low awareness levels. myths, lack of resources and dearth of publications around adoption.

Together, we strive to position adoption in its correct perspective, present holistic data around adoption trends from across the world and develop a child-centric approach to adoption.

We believe that each of us can contribute to ensure a happy and secure childhood for every child in need - not necessarily through adopting. We can enable adoption as an educator, lawyer, doctor, regulator, employer, professional, family or friend. In doing so, we first need to first understand adoption ourselves, in usual course of life - much as we understand about law, religion or science. Thereafter, we can support out loved ones in making an informed decision around adoption.

Our aim is to prepare families in adoption through reliable statistics, counselling, referrals to professionals and services that aide a smooth transition for the child into the family. We also aspire to sensitize the civic society towards their role in enabling adoption through a positive interaction.

Avinash Kumar

Vandana Kumar

Akshay Jaitly

A consultant with a leading multinational, Avinash is an adoptive parent and author of a book on adoption

An eminent lawyer on projects in power and renewable energy,  Akshay is an adoptive parent and a nature enthusiast

A civil servant with Govt of India, Vandana is an adoptive parent and a champion for human rights and child protection.