Reimagining Adoption

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Adoption requires a thorough understanding of one's capability to fulfill a child's requirements, in addiiton to usual parenting skills.

Since adoption is not part of any curriculum or public discourse, there is dearth of reliable information, statistics and trends on adoption in India. Counselling therefore becomes an integral part of the adoption process.

Families of Joy has been enabling happy adoptions through counselling in both Pre-Adoption and Post-Adoption phase for both parents and young adoptees. We have a panel of eminent professionals, child psychologists, trained counsellors in adoption and parenting who shall be pleased to help you in making an informed decision by offering advice and services for the following areas:

Legal Expenses of Adoption
Early days in Adoption
Preparing Family and Friends
Adoption Leave from Employers
Child Care in early days
Teenage issues in young adoptees
Health and Learning Issues
Adoption Medicine
Bonding with the Extended Family
To tell the child about adoption or not (and when)
When to Adopt
Adoption as a remedy for infertility
Adopting young or older children
Adopting a special need child
Adoption by a single parent
Adoption when only one partner is ready
Adopting a racially different child
Inter State or Inter Country Adoption
Adoption vs. Fostering vs. sponsoring a Child
Adoption Process and Home Study