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Adoption has long been positioned as the charitable act of a middle aged childless couple hopping across orphanages in search of an adorable child who they can bring home. Our legislations have centered around the need of the parent at the expense of the child. Our education has turned a blind eye to differently built families. Adoption agencies have selected parents much as parents selected children. Bollywood has further harmed the cause through selective portrayal of emotions related to adoption, half told truths and giving legality a complete miss.

The result? There are 60 million destitute children who deserve a home, more than 30 million families longing for a child, fewer than 2000 children legally available for adoption, less than 1 adoption agency per district and fewer than 4000 adoptions per year in India. As a nation, we could defnitely do better!

The need of the hour is to put the focus back on the child, replace charity with humanity, study adoption for its own sake (just as we study law, science, religion etc.), empower regulations with emprical reasearch and establish adoption as a mainstream conversation at school, college, workplace, families and beyond. And just as who can lead this transformation?

A set of arms that can push through reforms. A pair of legs that can walk the extra mile. A heart that beats for each child's right to a loving and secure family. A pen (or shall we say a "click") that can trigger a revolution. A mind that is not just open to ideas but carries the conviction to ask Who and Why? Who else but Gen-Y!

Here are 5 simple steps Gen Y can get initiated with Adoption:

  1. Believe in the idea of Adoption - Re-imagine adoption from a child's perspective

  2. Embrace Positive Adoption Language - Define and choose sensitive expressions to describe adoption

  3. Rely on facts - Discount hearsay, fiction and stereotypes associated with adoption. Seek facts. Share Facts.

  4. Talk Less, Act More - Pick up a task that takes you closer to the world of adoption

  5. Be a Champion- Lead by example and inspire others to REIMAGINE ADOPTION

And of course - you do not have to adopt a child yourself - you just have to help us create a community that establishes a Happy and Positive Identity for Adoption.

Just follow 3 simple steps to start as a GenY Initiator - do remember to quote your friend's Unique Reference Number (URN) if you have been referred by a friend.:

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