Reimagining Adoption

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GenY Crusader
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GenY Re-Imaginator
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Well begun is half done! Once you have signed up as a GenY Initiator, Tweeted about the #AdoptionPledge and Liked our Facebook Page, push the envelop further towards being a GenY Crusador by enroling at least 20 friends as GenY Initiator.

Upon signing up as a GenY Initiator, you will receive your personal copy of the Adoption Pledge, a credit of 10,000 points and a Unique Reference Number (URN). For each friend of yours who signs up as a GenY Initiator, quoting your URN, you earn an additional 2000 points. You get elevated to GenY Crusader once you earn 50,000 points.

The fun doesn't end here. You continue to earn an equal amount of points that your friends earn. So when they refer 20 friends and get 50,000 points, you also earn 50,000 points. In essence, you earn a 50,000 points for every GenY Crusader referred by you.

Once you earn 5,00,000 points (equal to 10 crusaders, including you) you enter our Hall of Fame. You get a certificate from Families of Joy for being a Social Citizen.