Reimagining Adoption

GenY Initiator
GenY Crusader
GenY Differentiator
GenY Re-Imaginator
GenY Ambassador

By the time you got 10 crusaders signed up for the cause, you are no longer driven by incentives. You believe in the cause, you are here to leave your mark and make a difference. By now you would have discovered enough like minded people to deliver some thing big. SOMETHING REALLY BIG. And that makes you a GenY Differentiator.

We now embark upon some serious business. We go beyond the rhetoric. We go past talking clubs. With 60 million destitute children waiting for a home, more than 30 million families longing for a child, fewer than 2000 children legally available for adoption, less than 1 adoption agency per district and fewer than 4000 adoptions per year in India, we are sure there is enough on our plate to deliver. Let us up the ante. Let us get cracking!

Pick from below mentioned tasks, or don your creative hat and suggest your own - and be a GenY Differentiator:

Each activity that you undertake, will be posted on our Website, presented to Colleges, shared with WCD Ministry, reported in Media and referenced as a benchmark. Any proposals that you come forth with, shall be evaluated for possible assistance under Government or Corporate sponsorship to realize its full potential.

Undertake at least one activity carrying significant impact, send us a brief synopsis of your project and a panel of GenY Crusadors will evaluate your work to qualify you as a GenY Differentiator.