Reimagining Adoption

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GenY Differentiator
GenY Re-Imaginator
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Did you catch some insights while working on your projects as Gen Y Differentiator? Did you come across a unique perspective? Did a parent or a child throw up a challenge that you didn't have answer to? Do you conceptualize an environment that breaks the mould, rather than the one that simply complies. Welcome to the world of Reimagine Adoption.

As a Reimaginator, you question the "as-is" state. You sow seeds of innovation. You compel regulators, stakeholders, families, children and the civic society to defy the status quo. Submit a revolutionary idea, a path breaking approach, an innovative solution to address issues related to adoption. Invigorate Gen-Y Differentiators to pick up leads from your proposals and deliver work packets to test those ideas. Bear in mind that it may not be possible to implement some of these ideas with exisitng regulations, frameworks or resources. Idea is not to be deterred by constraints but to redefine the boundaries. Some exmaples could be

Submit us a Revoltionary Idea and a Panel of GenY Differentiators would qualify you as a GenY Re-Imaginator