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Reimagining Adoption

Adoption is a beautiful experience providing us with an opportunity to render selfless love to our dear ones.

Prospective Adoptive Parents (PAPs) usually have plethora of questions as they embark on this journey. With dearth of reliable resources on adoption, lack of similar experience within the family, myths perpetrated through films and hearsay.

They wonder how long the wait for their child could be. Should the child look similar to them? Do older childer bond as well as infants? Is it possible to adopt a new born baby? How and when do they tell their family and friends? Will their employer grant them adoption leave? Do they tell the child about its adoption - if yes, when and how? So on and so forth...

If you are a PAP or their close family & friend having similar doubts, do not worry. We shall guide you step-by-step in your journey of adoption. We shall help you discover the child-centric approach to adoption, get familiar with adoption guidelines, refer you to counsellors and adoptive parents, support you with resources and prepare you in bringing your little joy home.

We recommend the following steps to gain an easy introduction to adoption:

Understand Adoption

Know about  Adoption Guidelines

Meet Adoptive Families

Do Not "CHOOSE" 
a Child

Register for Adoption

Involve Family & Friends

Do Regular Medical

Tell the Child about Adoption

Discuss Adoption at home, per context

Support the child in its Teens

Pre-Adoption Phase

Post-Adoption Phase

Complete Legal Proceedings

Complete Legal Proceedings

Champion Adoption as a Parent

Champion Adoption as a Parent

Here are some useful links for prospecting parents on adoption: