Reimagining Adoption

Professional Services

Counselling forms an integral part of adoption throwing light not just on the processes, regulations, procedures but also connecting like minded people, busting myths, offering guidance on lesser known facets of adoption and setting up a responsible network of community.

Most parents who desire to adopt need first level of guidance in the Pre-Adoption phase on How to Adopt, Preparation for Adoption and settling the child. This kind of assistance can easily be offered by experienced parent(s) in adoption with a little amount of extra effort in keeping abreast of latest laws, eligibilities, privileges and responsibilities. FoJ conducts regular camps and workshops for parents keen to up the ante and transforming themselves from parents to mentors. Please stay tuned for these events.

Post Adoption support usually requires assistance with development milestones, learning challenges, dealing with root search, adolescence, identity search, telling the child about adoption and realizing the child's potential. A cousnellor in this space often deals with child psychology, therapies and consultation adapted to adoption. FoJ conducts regular trainings for professional counsellors to expand their services to adoption counselling. If you are a body of professional counsellors and desirous of learning more about guidance in adoption, please write to us and we shall be happy to design an event customized to your requirement.