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We believe that parents in adoption are the best friend, philosopher and guide for aspiring families. They can mentor, counsel and advise the PAPs based on their experiences. They can highlight the nuances of adoption, distinguish between situations arising out of parenting or adoption and share wealth of insight hitherto undocumented. Nothing provides greater assurance and comfort to a parent embarked on a journey as unknown as adoption, than the guidance from another parent who has travelled on the same path. Most parents refer their meeting with another parent-in-adoption, and sometimes their families, as the most influencing experience in their journey to adoption.

Families of Joy Foundation maintains an online National Registry of Adoptive Families with the intent of offering a reference point to prospecting parents. Such a data bank offers ready assistance to prospective parents in their own city / State. We urge upon each adoptive family to sign up for this registry in building a vibrant community standing together for espousing the cause of adoption. Who knows if the person seeking advice on adoption may be your next door neighbour!

Prospective parents who need a reference from any of the locations highlighted on the map along side, please click on the Request Button below and a reference for you will be on its way sooner than you realize.

National Adoptive Parent's Registry