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We have been at the forefront of creating authentic, innovative and contemporary content relevant for the Indian narrative on Adoption. Whether it is the latest regulations, broad overview of CARA Guidelines, thought provoking posters, revolutionary greeting cards or hard hitting videos, this is your one stop shop to understand adoption, underplay the stereotypes, accentuate the nuances and celebrate the most joyous journey of your life - your child's arrival.

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The Basics (Go To Top)

As per latest guidelines, parents do not have to go "agency-hunting" to discover the child that comes home to them. Simply log on to the CARA website, indicate your preferences as per your eligibility, upload the required documents, and await child referral from the network of adoption agencies across India. No more dependency on the whims and fancies of the agencies, no more subjectivity on your eligibility and complete transparency on the adoption process, right from registration till court order. Familiarize yourself with the latest regulations, processes and agencies available to help you in adoption.

Adoption Guidelines 2017                                                     Documents Required                                                Adoption Agencies
Books from FoJ (Go To Top)

Us. Understanding and Enabling Adoption (2nd Edition) is the guide to adoption for every Indian. The book is an all rounded resource on adoption that seeks to Reimagine Adoption.

Us. provides a unique insight into the evolution of adoption, India’s scorecard on adoption vis-a-vis global trends, scope for professional services and an enabling framework that leverages on the strengths of each member of the adoption ecosystem. It helps in developing a keen understanding of adoption in normal course of life, much as we get to know about marriage, career, trade, laws etc. Liberal use of research data and illustrations make the book an easy read and a pleasure to understand various facts about adoption.

The first edition of the book was published in 2013. The second edition of the book lays particular emphasis on the newest CARA Guidelines, the #Immediate Placement category of adoption and decoding the CARA waitlist.

It is a book meant not just for adoptive parents, but our youth, educators, counselors, regulators and each member of the society in discovering their role towards enabling adoption. The book can be ordered online at . In case the book is out of stock, please drop a mail to Families of Joy

Thought Provoking Videos (Go To Top)

Get an unprecedented perspective on adoption, through the lense of the child, with a positive lingo, debunking the myths created by Bollywood, learning to accept, and not choose, a child, benefits of adopting legally, and defining a positive identity for your child through adoption.

About Families of Joy Foundation

Adoption & Bollywood

An introduction about Families of Joy Foundation and how we are uncovering your role in enabling adoption as a Parent, Family, Employer, Colleague, Professional and more.

Dispel common myths associated with adoption perpetrated in Bollywood and champion for a safe, legal adoption

Catch the essence of Positive Adoption Language replacing stereotypes and insensitive phrases with enabling terms.

Watch the full video (5 Hrs) of the National Adoption Summit with Speaker Sessions, Role Plays and Panel Discussion

How not  to "Choose a Child"

Adoption is not about "Choosing a Child". An inspiring video from a child's perspective that will help you connect with the child

Positive Adoption Language

National Adoption Summit

An insightful video on Why, When and How to tell the child about Adoption and developing a Positive Identity for Adoption

Telling about Adoption

A fun filled short musical on finding a purpose in  life by relating to others' pain and developing an urge to love every human being

Jeena isi ka Naam hai

An inspiring video on how to look beyond ourselves and prepare for adoption with a child-centric approach.

Beyond Ourselves

No Child is Too Old to Adopt

A child's chances to find a home drop by 80% as she turns 2yrs old in an institution. Think again - No Child is Too Old to Adopt

Following the Law

Adopt only through legal means - it not only offers peace of mind but also safeguards the interest of the child

Adoption in Curriculum

It is time we included Adoption in Curriculum to educate our next generation about differently built families

Enable Adoption as Society

Enabling Adoption is everybody's responsibility in the Society. Here is how everyone can make a difference.

Hungry for some Power Messaging around adoption? Look no further. Download these posters with a punch. Pin them up on your workspace, share them on your Facebook page or hoist them on your workplace notice boards to make Adoption an everyday topic. Sensitize your peers, colleagues, kith and kin with these straight from the heart expressions.

Inspiring Posters (Go To Top)
Innovative e-Greetings (Go To Top)

Get Innovative! Get Confident!! Proudly congratulate your near and dear ones on thier life event. Share these tongue-in-cheek e-Greetings specially designed for a MOMENTOUS ADOPTION of their child. Share Happiness, Share Postivity.