Mumbai Camp

Join us for Counselling on Adoption at Mumbai

We are delighted to bring our next camp on Adoption Counselling at Mumbai.

Whether you are thinking about adoption, have already registered for adoption with CARA, awaiting a referral, have received a referral and planning to visit the Adoption Agency, or have adopted a child - this camp will guide you on latest adoption guidelines, processes, references of other families in adoption, useful resources and data from all over India on adoption.

Please use the button below to register for the Camp - and walk in within your preferred time slot. You can choose a slot between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm on Sep 30, 2018.

Fee is Rs 1000/- per person.


Personal Counselling Sessions - 10:00 am to 2:00 pm
(Pre-registration Required*)

Panel Discussion – 2:00 pm
Reimagining Adoption: Making Informed choices in best interest of the child
(No Pre-Registration Required – ALL Are WELCOME)

A unique panel discussion where you shall hear the experts talk about managing your preferences with CARA, care required in adopting older children or those with special needs, accepting the first child referred to you, telling the child about adoption, using Positive Adoption Language, networking with other families in adoption, making choices not on myths or hearsay, but based on facts and professional advice and

Personal Counselling Sessions Resume – Up to 6:00 pm
(Pre-registration Required*)

* Registration Fee for Personal Counselling Sessions is Rs 1,000 per person
Fee includes Latest Adoption Guidelines, Life time access to our Counselling Services and a Free Book on Adoption