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The story of adoption is as old as human civilization. Tales of adoption are told in the Bible and in Hindu Scriptures. Adoption is bringing a child into your heart and hearth and being held together as a family with a lifelong bond. It entails a well thought out decision to accept and love a child. It then entails embarking on a scenic journey with some road bumps; but one which is filled with beautiful discovery of hope and joy.

Even as there are over 60 million destitute children and over 30 million families affected by infertility, there are just about 3000 - 4000 adoptions per year in India. The numbers are pretty low, but can be significantly improved with combined efforts of Prospective Parents, Adoptive Families and above all Gen-Y, the next generation youth of India in sharing the positivity about adoption, discovering our role in enabling adoption, and coming together as a community to ensure that each child in need gets a loving family that it rightfully deserves.

The Families of Joy Foundation strives to spread awareness about adoption, render useful resources, counsel families and help civic society in discovering their role towards enabling adoption as a parent, family, professional, employer, lawmaker, writer, film-maker or journalist by participating in the adoption cycle and highlighting positivity around adoption.

Come join us in Reimagining Adoption.